You and Sarah will begin a safe, confidential conversation to create a place for your therapeutic relationship to grow. Within this place of non-judgmental connection, you are encouraged to reflect on your internal dialogue and feel the support to make sense of your lived experience. Therapy will help you resolve complicated feelings and find ways to cope with them. Counselling therapy can improve how we engage with those in our life, relieve stress, confront fears and find ways to overcome challenges.

This body-centric therapy integrates a person’s physical sensations with their thoughts. Trauma affects our sense of safety by stimulating the nervous system long after a stressful event. Somatic therapy increases interoceptive awareness, which involves processing our inner sensations to become available to our conscious awareness. This dual awareness of thinking and feeling is necessary for healing and can lead to a healthy, more regulated nervous system. Somatic therapy can be effective for those experiencing unsupportive challenges that leave them feeling frightened, angry or overwhelmed and may reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and grief.

Together, we can investigate your foundational relationships and attachment styles. Understanding how you connect to others extends into your future experiences of self and relationships. EFIT interventions are used to heal the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and isolation by identifying emotions and the cause and effect of negative emotions. EFIT repairs relational bonds to improve our sense of security, increases positive connection with the self and can help set boundaries within interpersonal relationships.

Online virtual appointments are booked through Jane App which is an online platform designed for health and wellness practitioners. Jane app offers secure video and is compliant with The Personal information Protection and Electronic Documents Act-PIPEDA (Canada), General Data Protection Regulation-GDPR (E.U) and Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act-HIPPA (U.S).

Sarah’s availability and calendar can be found on this site in Alberta, Canada Mountain Standard Time, MST (UTC/GMT -6 hours).

For other time zone availability please contact us

Sarah will ensure all online sessions are secure and confidential by using The Jane App platform.

Please arrange for your virtual appointment to occur in a private space where you can talk freely without distraction. Confidentially will be assured by Sarah.

Jane app online appointments are best experienced on a computer or laptop using Google Chrome or Opera. Android devices work best with Google Chrome.

If you’re on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) you will need the Jane Online Appointments app which is available on the app store.

Psychological counselling helps those in crisis and suffering from life-disrupting mental health conditions. Yet, counselling therapy treatment does not require a situational crisis to be effective. This global virtual space created by School of H.E.A.R.T. is open to anyone who wishes to be proactive about mental health and enjoy the benefits of getting to know themselves more, setting life goals and establishing healthy relationships.
Sarah is open to hearing your story and accompanying you in your well-being journey.
In an emergency or crisis, Sarah will provide ethical care and the resources, referrals, and support you need to be safe.

50 minute online sessions – $108 Canadian dollars.

See Jane app link to book your appointment.

Please contact School of H.E.A.R.T. for fee sliding scale requests and in person availability.