Reviews of Yoga and Yoga Therapy
Anglea Corry Jones, “One of the best therapeutic experiences I have had. Sarah is an incredible yoga therapist who provides a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. I leave feeling pure relaxation and my soul feels free. I highly recommend everyone to experience the same!”
Melody Good, “Sarah is the most amazing yoga instructor with classes tailored to your needs in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Would highly recommend her sessions!”
Shelly Berg, “Sarah is a world class yoga teacher, she gives one on one personal teachings, i felt wonderful after every session!”
Karen Vooys, “Yoga in the geodome last night was incredible! The soft rain pitter latter, the sun shining through the octagons… Sadie truly has a gift! I have never been able to stretch out my back and shoulders so effectively before as I did with the harness. Amazing. Thank you.”
Corrine McKell, “I’ve been doing yoga for over 11 years. Sarah has the most unique approach of any teacher I’ve had by far. She is so intuitive, making subtle adjustments that have improved my practice greatly. She has customized my practice to foster growth in my physical, mental and spiritual self. The last time I was with her I thought I couldn’t practice because I had pulled my lower back, just through talking to me she was able to isolate exactly which muscle is was, then led me through a class and completely healed my injury. Amazing.”

Reviews of Community Health Services
Louise Edlund, “If you are looking to add some serious value to your health, and raise your own awareness to help others, these are your guys.
Full of passion and life they inspire you to take care of yourself and the community around you.”
Shelby Price, “A wonderful team of people who care passionately about what they do!”
Corrine Mckell, “I have had the opportunity to work with Brett professionally. He is exceptionally thorough and cares greatly about his work. Sarah and Brett put their hearts into all they do, including you.”

First Aid and CPR
Natasha Fatale, “Brett is a great first aid/CPR trainer who provides real world experience and takes a very interactive and discussion based approach to teaching. This makes for a much more interesting class than some previous first aid classes I’ve taken. His passion for teaching and helping others is evident. Highly recommended!”