To save writing a thousand words, we’ll use pictures instead…Enjoy!

Where the glacier melts to create the Ganges





Double Decker Buddha


The grandeur of the Taj Mahal reflects in the pristine waters of the meticulously manicured gardens


Colours for all tastes


An artist shows off his latest creation at the Norbulinka institute for Tibetan arts


A Perfectly Perched Parrot


A taste of India – fresh Veges, Dahl, Aloo Gobi, Curd, Raita, Rice, Chapatti, Poppadom, and Pickle – all for the princely sum of 150 Rupees (ca$3/1.5 pounds)


The stringent rules of the Buddhist nuns don’t include racket sports


Various spiritual leaders depicted at the ashram where the Beatles stayed


Girls putting on a display of traditional Indian dancing


You talking to me?


What’s up?


Sun streams through a temple’s window to lighten the peaceful Buddha