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Yoga connects the physical, emotional, and energetic heart in an integrated alignment.  This health promotion technique results in an increased body awareness that allows a deeper connection with oneself.

Community yoga Sessions

  • these sessions are aimed at strengthening bonds by celebrating community through shared activity
  • all classes are held in our unique Geodome at 12138-106 St. NW, Edmonton
  • adults of all abilities and genders are welcome
  • Drop-in Yoga – 5:15pm – 6:30pm
  • Drop-in Yoga – 7:45pm – 9:00pm

Drop-in community yoga classes: $15 + gst

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a process where traditional yoga techniques and practices are adapted to help individuals facing health challenges manage their condition, restore balance, and move toward overall wellbeing.

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

  • All sessions are 75 minutes in length
  • Sessions are ‘one on one’ and customized to fit personal needs
  • Includes an Ayurvedic assessment
  • $75 plus GST

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Each of us has our own story, our own path and Yoga can helps us on that path at any age. Life can be stressful and how we cope with those stressors can be reflected by acquiring mental and physical health imbalances, behavioral changes and addictions. These can stem from a mind, body, nature disconnection. The way to create connection again is through the diet and breath.  We are constantly changing complex cell structures that are akin to the seasons and nature in that we require water, light, oxygen and nutrients. Yoga therapy can strengthen cells and life energy by learning techniques of breath expansion and deepening of the inhalations and exhalations which helps the body regenerate itself in a positive cell reaction.  Ayurveda the ancient Indian system of health or “science of Life” is a holistic system based on the basic elements of nature to treat dis(ease) by looking at overall lifestyle, diet, and mental and emotional health of our elemental constitution (doshas). By blending science and nature together we can make your own personalized  toolkit of healthy natural ways to cope with the stress of life and enjoy living fully.

Sarah can aid you with bringing yoga Asana (physical postures) into your life by making a personalized 90 minute session specific to your physical, mental and emotional needs. Through the inspiration of the Indian Yogi Guru B.K.S Ilengar the use of blocks, belts, bolsters, inversion belts, weight and walls are used to able anyone into opening up the bodies main joints, stretch into the nervous system and charge up the circulation and blood flow. This allows Yoga to do you rather than you doing yoga, aiding healing, relaxation and cultivates listening to the breath and heart . Through modern research Yoga has been awarded many positive effects on the body by lowering blood pressure, preventing some chronic illnesses, reducing inflammation in the body and calming mental health concerns. Research based evidence and ancient practices are now in agreement that the mind and body influence one another on a cellular level. Now you can learn the postures and movements that can help your ailments.

Somehow it’s become normal to be constantly stressed out or overwhelmed. It’s just become a part of life, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious and sometimes even a combination of all three. Although we like to believe our emotions have very little impact on our physical body, our heightened state of living in a constant fight or flight mode means problems for our bodies in the forms of altered thyroid function, an increased cardiovascular or even decreased gastrointestinal drive. Simply put, it feels awful and has a negative physical effect too.Enter Pranayama-the art of breath control and calming your mind. By practicing breath control along with guided meditations or simple visualization exercises, you can develop a healthy coping mechanism to stressful or unpleasant situations. In practicing Pranayama, you can strengthen your mind body relationship and help yourself to create a positive change in reacting to overwhelming events, people, or jobs. While it can be used as an in the minute coping mechanism, it can also be practiced throughout the day to help centre yourself and become better connected with the matrix of your body and the steady the emotions of the mind.

Scientific research and the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) have in the last last 30 years research has shown positive discoveries that the practices of Yoga and Eastern attitudes to health  aid disease prevention and promotion of wellness.  In 1984 the national institute of health recommended meditation over prescription drugs as the preferred treatment for mild hypertension. Since then, the knowledge of deep relaxation techniques being very successful in stress management and the list of health benefits and healing improvements grows and grows. This growth has been strengthened through research based evidence, certification and accreditation committees of the ministry of AYUSH, IAYT and beyond.The evidence is easily noted and the access to it is available so why not book a session with Sarah and find out what Yoga Therapy can do for you as it has done for others.

What To Expect: in your yoga therapy session, Sarah will perform an Ayurvedic health assessment. Here, she combines her knowledge of traditional yoga with her nursing background to create a customized 75 minute session.  Sarah shares experience, inspires confidence, and provides support to fuse yoga into your life as you move toward your goal of healthier living


“Sarah is so intuitive, caring and thorough. I learned so much in my yoga therapy classes, I have taken a yoga teacher training and have a great understanding of yoga but Sarah took yoga to a whole new level for me. I even use some of what she taught me with my massage clients. Everyone should try it!”

“Sarah, you are incredibly gifted! A unique yoga experience that I never could have imagined.”

“After years of low back pain and sleep discomfort I was able to sleep deeply on my tummy again, the practice works”


Meditation induces relaxation that creates stillness within the mind.  Peaceful introspection promotes clarity that can restore a harmonious relationship throughout our total being.

Guided Meditation – 9:15pm – 9:45pm

Drop-in meditation sessions $10 + gst

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