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Sarah’s dedication to therapeutic care has been long-standing. Drawn to public service at a young age, she completed her nursing studies at Glascow Caledonian University and moved to Australia shortly afterwards to work in a rural hospital. An avid traveller, Sarah has been fortunate to be able to use her medical skills in countries all around the world. While travelling she can often be found volunteering locally, either educating people about proper health practices or launching other community-focused initiatives alongside her partner Brett. Her twenty-year nursing career has spanned multiple disciplines and given her valuable insight into all aspects of patient care.

Sarah has always believed in treating patients as a whole instead of merely addressing their symptoms—a belief which led her to explore holistic health measures in addition to her formal medical training. She is particularly drawn to the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda as it endorses the physical benefits of addressing a person’s emotional and spiritual needs. Her passion for restorative healing eventually led her to India; there, she was able to listen to some of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and further pursue her training. Sarah is now a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and holds a 500-hour yoga instructor certification with an emphasis on yoga therapy. Her next focus is to complete her Masters in Counselling Psychology so that she can further widen the reach of her blended therapy approach to healing.