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CPR/First Aid Certification   ◊   Health Education   ◊   Wellness Training

Canadian Red Cross First-Aid & CPR Certification

Our FIRST AID & CPR certification and training programs come to you! Get certified in the comfort of your own home, or have your employees trained right at work. Our relaxed instructional style connects your existing knowledge and life experiences with the training guidelines set out by the Canadian Red Cross. Choose your preferred level of instruction and leave with important life-saving skills. 

  • Standard First Aid (16 hours / 2 days) – $130
  • Standard First Aid Recertification (8 hours) – $100
  • Blended Standard First Aid (8 Hrs Online & 8 hours in class) $145
  • Blended Standard First Aid Recertification (4 hours online & 4 hours in class) $110
  • Emergency First Aid (8 hours) – $100
  • Emergency First Aid Recertification (6 hours in class) – $90
  • Blended Emergency First Aid (4 hours online & 4.5 hours in class) $115
  • Blended Emergency First Aid Recertification (3 hours online & 3 hours in class) – $90
  • Cpr Level C (6 hours) – $90
  • Cpr Level C Recertification (4 hours in class) – $90
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Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Meditation

Community Yoga and Meditation Sessions 

Get to know your neighbours through community yoga classes and guided group meditations, held in our unique outdoor Geodome throughout the spring and summer seasons. 

*Due to Covid-19, community yoga and meditation sessions are currently unavailable. An updated scheduled will be available in the spring of 2021.

  • Drop-in community yoga classes: $15 + gst
  • Drop-in mediation sessions: $10 + gst

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Private yoga therapy sessions include an ayurvedic health assessment and are fully customizeable to meet your needs. Sessions may include a combination of postural yoga, guided meditation, and breath work. See our yoga and meditation page for more information.

  • 75-minute personalized yoga therapy session: $75 plus GST
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Travel – Retreats

International Wellness Retreats

Gratitude, laughter, and joy can be wonderful antidotes to social isolation, stress, and illness. Our retreats encourage community relationships through fun and engaging activities that are guided by voluntary group participation. Meet new people or spend some time really getting to know yourself! Explore new interests and reconnect with nature while celebrating the qualities that make you so unique. 

Rejuvenate the HEART

Location: The River Lodge Retreat, Alberta
Date: September 17th-19th, 2021*

Enjoy a change of pace to rejuvenate your wellbeing in the Canadian wilderness. The River Lodge Retreat sits on 55 secluded acres of woods and has activity options for both the introspective and the adventurous. Find a secluded spot to meditate in or go for a long hike. Dedicate time to yourself and explore creative interests with like-minded people. Participate in guided yoga, meditation, and personal growth workshops while enjoying nourishing food and unique accommodation. Take the weekend at your own relaxed pace.

*dates subject to change

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Rejuvenate the HEART in Scotland

Location: Loch Lomond, Scotland
Date: April 2nd – 4th, 2021* 

Refill your energy bank and revive your spirit as you explore the exciting nature of international travel. Explore the breathtakingly beautiful area of Loch Lomond with the insight of your local travel guides. Participate in such activities as yoga, meditation, and personal growth workshops while enjoying nourishing food and unique accommodation. Take the weekend at your own relaxed pace.

*dates subject to change

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Travel – Tours

Want to travel but not sure where to start? Let us take care of the pesky details so you can focus on getting the full experience. Experience ethical tourism as we adventure through foreign lands, partnering with local guides to give you a uniquely authentic experience. Be on the move, or relax with a book—the choice is yours! Complete your bucket list while we take care of the rest.


Scotland Travel Landscape
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Nepal Travel Landscape
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Individual and Community Functions

Personal Growth Workshops

We offer a series of customized training programs to help you explore your interests and achieve your potential. Our goal? To get you to celebrate your true self while also identifying specific actions you can take to positively impact your local and global communities. 

Goal Setting

Use focused goal-setting to create a path to your own personal success. Learn about the power of a positive mindset and find out how you can harness it to help you move forward in life. Identify and celebrate your unique strengths while learning how to use them to benefit yourself and those around you.

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Your Passport to Global Citizenship

Explore the dynamics of intercultural relationships, and create a plan to use your resources to work toward global change.

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Basketball and Life Skills Camp

Introduce, develop, and reinforce skills required to excel in basketball, as well as in life. During this camp we focus on such areas as mental preparedness, team work, and communication, while enjoying and playing the wonderful game of basketball.

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Travel Club

A comprehensive program for individuals and/or groups who are embarking on an overseas adventure. We have learned a lot through decades of travel; learn from our experiences so you can make the most of your time abroad. 

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